Phase 2 Update

Hello there Members!!

We are happy to announce we are open at 30% capacity. What does this mean? It means you can come to the gym and use the equipment! But you must book an appointment. Membership is $27.12 and we are currently only accepting cash, unless your insurance pays your membership. We are unable to be open 24hrs at this time. If an hour slot is empty, we may be closed so be sure to schedule your time. Mon thru Fri -5am to 11am Mon thru Thur -3pm to 7pm Saturday 8am to 11am Again, you must schedule a time to come in and workout. This is the only way we can regulate the 30% occupancy rule. You can book on Facebook at or email us at (only if you do not have Facebook).

Things have changed and we have to change with it. You will be required to hand sanitize upon entry and fill out a release of liability form. You may not enter the facility if you have been exposed to the Covid 19 Virus in the last 14 days and/or if you have any immunodeficiency. We will be cleaning constantly. You are also required to maintain a distance of 6ft from anyone and clean before and after use of any equipment. Your scheduled workout time is for 1hr. New Rules in Phase 2 *No Sauna, Tanning, Massage or Showers or locker use *No Gym Bags or coats *No Water Fountain *Lock all bags and purses in vehicle *No towel service *No Magazines provided *All bay doors and windows will be open for ventilation *Classes of no more than 5 people at a time *We may take your temperature Silver Sneakers are welcome to use the gym equipment at any time We will contact you when we begin classes again. One of the rules is that no one over the age of 65 is allowed to enter. I believe this age discrimination and I will not follow this suggestion. It is up to you to be sure you are healthy and able to workout.

Only employee’s are asked to wear masks. While working out we suggest you do not wear a mask due to lack of oxygen. We miss our fitness family so much. And we look forward to getting back to some normalcy! Email is the best form of communication since we are rarely at the phone. If you know someone that did not get this email and is a gym member, please forward this on. We do not have everyone’s email address.

Thank you Kindly!

Cheers to Health and Happiness!

Jackie Mills

Everyday Fitness Inc Owner/Operator

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